CA Educ Code Section 17334

During the construction of a private school structure, the enforcement agency shall require the engineer of record responsible for the structural design, or that engineer’s authorized representative, to make periodic reviews of construction at the construction site to observe compliance with the approved structural plans, specifications, and change orders. The engineer of record in general responsible charge of the work of construction, and the registered professional engineer, shall make a report, duly verified by him or her through periodic review of construction, showing that the work done during the period covered by the report has been performed and that the materials used and installed are in accordance with the approved drawings and specifications. Any detailed statements of fact required by the enforcement agency shall be included. These observations and statements shall not be relied upon by others as acceptance of the work, nor shall they be construed to relieve the contractor in any way of his or her obligations and responsibilities under the construction contract.
“Periodic review of construction,” as used in this section and as applied to the architect, civil engineer, structural engineer, or the registered professional engineer, means the knowledge that is obtained from periodic visits of reasonable frequency to the project site for the purpose of general observation of the work. It also means the knowledge that is obtained from the reporting of others as to the progress of the work, testing of materials, inspection, and superintendence of the work that is performed between those periodic visits of the architect, civil engineer, or structural engineer, or the registered engineer. The exercise of reasonable diligence to obtain the facts is required. “Periodic review of construction” does not include responsibility for superintendence of construction processes, site conditions, operations, equipment, personnel, or maintenance of a safe place to work or any safety in, on, or about the site of work.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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