CA Educ Code Section 17005

In addition to all other powers and duties as are granted the board by this chapter, other statute, or the Constitution, the board shall have power to:


Establish any qualifications not in conflict with other provisions of this chapter, as it deems will best serve the purposes of this chapter, for determining the eligibility of school districts to lease projects under this chapter.


Establish any procedures and policies in connection with the administration of this chapter as it deems necessary.


Adopt any rules and regulations for the administration of this chapter, requiring any procedure, forms, and information, as it may deem necessary.


Construct and control any project.


Fix rates, rents, or other charges for the use of any project acquired, constructed, rehabilitated, equipped, furnished, or for services rendered in connection with that project, and to alter, change, or modify the same at its pleasure, subject to any contractual obligation that may be entered into by the board with respect to the fixing of the rates, rents, or charges.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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