CA Educ Code Section 16264

No local agency shall receive an initial allocation from any appropriation made for the purposes of this article more than an amount to be known as the local agency entitlement. This amount shall be computed as follows:


Determine the percentage that the amount apportioned to the local agency in the previous fiscal year for operation purposes pursuant to Section 8380, as amended by Section __ of Chapter ___ of the Statutes of ____, bears to the total amount allocated to all local agencies under the same section.


Determine the percentage that the statewide modified assessed valuation per average daily attendance for the grade level involved in the previous fiscal year bears to the assessed valuation per unit of average daily attendance of the local agency. Local agencies other than school districts shall use a percentage of 1.00.


Determine the local agency eligibility factor by multiplying the percentage derived in (a) by that derived in (b).


Determine the local agency entitlement by multiplying the district eligibility factor derived in (c) by the amount appropriated for this purpose. Amounts of the appropriation initially unallocated may be allocated subsequently without regard to the limitation of the local agency entitlement. Amounts of local agency entitlement not applied for within 90 days of the notification of entitlement, and amounts approved pursuant to Section 16268 but not allocated pursuant to Section 16269, and not made available on an extended basis after one year from the date of the original approval, may also be allocated without regard to the limitation of local agency entitlement.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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