CA Educ Code Section 16204

On or before July 20th of each year, the governing board of a school district which has received a notification pursuant to Section 16203, shall determine, and notify the county board of supervisors and the county auditor, whether the amounts required to be paid on behalf of the district under Section 16207 shall be provided from the general fund of the district or by a special district tax levied by the county board of supervisors. In the event that the district notification specifies that the amounts so required shall be provided by a special district tax, or if no notification is made, the board of supervisors with whom the certificate prescribed by Section 16203 is filed shall, at the time of making the tax levy for that year for county purposes, levy a special tax upon all taxable property in the district of residence of each pupil enrolled in the facilities other than the district maintaining the facilities, sufficient in amount to raise, for the use of the facilities, the sum of one hundred sixty dollars ($160) per unit of average daily attendance, less any amounts per unit of the average daily attendance remaining in the county school building aid fund from levies and collections made in any prior year and not paid to the state pursuant to Section 16207.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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