CA Educ Code Section 16039.5

Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 16039, if the board has made apportionments pursuant to the section for purchase of a site or preparation of plans and specifications and the district after January 1, 1977, (1) begins construction on the site of facilities which are justified by the maximum building areas set forth in Sections 16047, 16052, 16053, and 16054, or (2) uses the plans and specifications for the construction of the facilities using, in any case, funds other than an apportionment, the site or plans and specifications shall be deemed to be “subsequently used in a construction project” within the meaning of Section 16039. In these cases, the balance of the principal amount of the apportionment for the site or plans and specifications, and accrued interest thereon, shall not be payable pursuant to Section 16039, but shall be added by the Controller to, and become a part of, any apportionment for construction pursuant to Section 16041, as if an apportionment had been made for the construction and had become final upon the date construction began.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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