CA Educ Code Section 16025

Notwithstanding any other provisions of this chapter, a school district otherwise eligible to receive a conditional apportionment under this chapter may apply for an adjustment of annual repayment obligations in lieu of receiving the conditional apportionment. The board may require any information that is necessary to determine the number of units of estimated average daily attendance for which the district would have been eligible to construct school facilities under this chapter, if the conditional apportionment had been made and had become final. These units shall be known as “eligible attendance units.” The board shall then determine an “eligible facilities cost” by multiplying the number of the eligible attendance units by the average cost of housing elementary or high school pupils as set forth in the latest report to the Legislature required under Section 16098. In any fiscal year in which the school district is in the judgment of the board operating sufficient year-around classes to provide housing for the eligible attendance units aforementioned, the Director of General Services shall add to the amount which he or she is required to certify to the Controller under Sections 16072, 16084, and 16086 an amount equal to one-twentieth of the eligible facilities costs. The additional amount so certified shall be considered for all purposes of this chapter as eligible bonded debt service.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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