CA Educ Code Section 16023

Notwithstanding any other provisions of this chapter, a district may apply, on a separate application, for an apportionment for the purchase of laboratory and vocational training equipment, whether or not the equipment is for use in connection with a construction project. All of the provisions of this chapter apply to the application and apportionment except that:


Any application for the equipment pursuant to this section which is received by the board shall be transmitted to the State Department of Education. If the State Department of Education approves the application, it shall refer it to the board which shall either approve or reject the application pursuant to Section 16024. Any provision of Section 16024 inconsistent with this section shall not apply to the application.


Section 16007 does not apply.


If the application is approved and an apportionment granted therefor the district shall repay the full amount of the apportionment and the interest thereon. The repayment of the apportionment, and the interest thereon, may be over a period of years, not to exceed 20 years from the first day of January of the fiscal year next succeeding the fiscal year in which the apportionment became final. The number of years allowed for repayment shall be determined by the board at the time it fixes interest on the apportionment. The repayment is in addition to any other repayment required under this chapter.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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