CA Educ Code Section 15787

Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, whenever a conditional apportionment has been made to an elementary school district pursuant to Section 15714 prior to August 1, 1951, and the school district has subsequently voted to become a part of a union school district before the school district has voted to accept and repay an amount sufficient to include both said entire apportionment made pursuant to Section 15714, and all other apportionments made to the school district by the board prior to August 1, 1951, the elementary school district is continued in existence until September 1, 1953, for the purpose of (1) receiving any apportionment made to said district subsequent to August 1, 1951, under Section 15718, as if the elementary district had not voted to unionize with another school district, and (2) for the purpose of voting upon the acceptance and repayment of the apportionment mentioned in (1) or any other apportionment made to the district by the board subsequent to August 1, 1951. If any elementary school district so described above shall vote, prior to September 1, 1953, to accept and repay any apportionment above mentioned (except of any apportionment made under Section 15718), the apportionment shall thereupon become final. Repayment of any apportionment referred to in this section shall be made by the elementary district pursuant to the applicable provisions of this chapter as if no change in boundaries had been made in the district.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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