CA Educ Code Section 12400

The governing board of a school district on behalf of any school maintained by the district and any county superintendent of schools are vested with all necessary power and authority to perform all acts necessary to receive the benefits and to expend the funds provided by any act of Congress heretofore or hereafter enacted, and with all necessary power and authority to cooperate with, or enter into agreements with, the government of the United States, or any agency or agencies thereof, and with the State Board of Education and with other school districts and private or public nonprofit organizations for the purpose of receiving the benefits and expending the funds provided by the acts of Congress, in accordance with the acts, or any rules or regulations adopted thereunder, or any state plan or rules or regulations of the State Board of Education adopted in accordance with the acts of Congress. Participation may also include the expenditure by the governing board of any school district or the county superintendent of schools of whatever funds may be required by the federal government as a condition to participation. Participation in the act of Congress known as the “Emergency Employment Act of 1971” (P.L. 92-54) may be undertaken notwithstanding Section 44858.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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