CA Educ Code Section 10911.5


Commencing with January 1, 1993, every public recreation program employer shall require each employee having direct contact with minors to immediately submit, or in the case of a new employee, to submit on or before the first day of his or her employment, one set of fingerprints to the Department of Justice. This requirement is a condition of employment.


For the purposes of this section “public recreation program employer” means a public recreation program that is exempt from licensure pursuant to subdivision (g) of Section 1596.792 of the Health and Safety Code.


The Department of Justice shall furnish a criminal record summary to the public recreation program employer designated by an employee submitting fingerprints pursuant to subdivision (a). The criminal record summary shall contain only arrests resulting in a conviction and arrests pending final adjudication. The criminal record summary furnished to the public recreation program employer shall be maintained by the public recreation program employer in a secured file separate from personnel files.


The Department of Justice may charge each applicant for a criminal record summary a reasonable fee to cover costs associated with the processing of the criminal record summary. In no event shall the fee exceed the actual costs incurred by the department. Nothing in this section prohibits the public recreation employer from paying the applicant charge or reimbursing the charge to the employee.
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