CA Corp Code Section 407

A corporation may, but is not required to, issue fractions of a share originally or upon transfer. If it does not issue fractions of a share, it shall in connection with any original issuance of shares (a) arrange for the disposition of fractional interests by those entitled thereto, (b) pay in cash the fair value of fractions of a share as of the time when those entitled to receive those fractions are determined or (c) issue scrip or warrants in registered form, as certificated securities or uncertificated securities, or bearer form as certificated securities, which shall entitle the holder to receive a certificate for a full share upon the surrender of the scrip or warrants aggregating a full share; provided, however, that if the fraction of a share that any person would otherwise be entitled to receive in a merger, conversion, or reorganization is less than one-half of 1 percent of the total shares that person is entitled to receive, a merger, conversion, or reorganization agreement may provide that fractions of a share will be disregarded or that shares issuable in the merger or conversion will be rounded off to the nearest whole share; and provided, further, that a corporation may not pay cash for fractional shares if that action would result in the cancellation of more than 10 percent of the outstanding shares of any class. A determination by the board of the fair value of fractions of a share shall be conclusive in the absence of fraud. A certificate for a fractional share shall, but scrip or warrants shall not unless otherwise provided therein, entitle the holder to exercise voting rights, to receive dividends thereon and to participate in any of the assets of the corporation in the event of liquidation. The board may cause scrip or warrants to be issued subject to the condition that they shall become void if not exchanged for full shares before a specified date or that the shares for which scrip or warrants are exchangeable may be sold by the corporation and the proceeds thereof distributed to the holder of the scrip or warrants or any other condition that the board may impose.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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