CA Corp Code Section 2600.5


An existing business association organized as a trust under the laws of this state or of a foreign jurisdiction may incorporate under this division upon approval by its board of trustees or similar governing body and approval by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the outstanding voting shares of beneficial interest, or a greater proportion of the outstanding shares of beneficial interest or the vote of those other classes of shares of beneficial interest as may be specifically required by its declaration of trust or bylaws, and the filing of articles with a certificate attached pursuant to this chapter.


In addition to the matters required to be set forth in the articles pursuant to Section 2602, the articles filed pursuant to this section shall state that an existing unincorporated association, stating its name, is being incorporated by the filing of the articles.


The articles filed pursuant to this section shall be signed by the president, or any vice president, and the secretary, or any assistant secretary, of the existing association and shall be accompanied by a certificate signed and verified by those officers signing the articles and stating that the incorporation of the association has been approved by the trustees and by the required vote of holders of shares of beneficial interest in accordance with subdivision (a).


Upon the filing of articles pursuant to this section, the social purpose corporation shall succeed automatically to all of the rights and property of the association being incorporated and shall be subject to all of its debts and liabilities in the same manner as if the social purpose corporation had itself incurred them. The incumbent trustees of the association shall constitute the initial directors of the social purpose corporation and shall continue in office until the next annual meeting of the shareholders or their earlier death, resignation, or removal. All rights of creditors and all liens upon the property of the association shall be preserved unimpaired. Any action or proceeding pending by or against the association may be prosecuted to judgment, which shall bind the social purpose corporation, or the social purpose corporation may be proceeded against or substituted in its place.


The filing for record in the office of the county recorder of any county in this state in which any of the real property of the association is located of a copy of the articles filed pursuant to this section, certified by the Secretary of State, shall evidence record ownership in the social purpose corporation of all interests of the association in and to the real property located in that county.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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