CA Corp Code Section 25619


The commissioner may destroy any applications, notices, orders, permits, and revoked or surrendered certificates, together with the files and folders, as useless or obsolete, four years after the date of filing or issuance, with the approval of the Department of General Services; provided, that a permanent record shall be maintained of any disciplinary action taken by the commissioner.


When acting as escrow holder for securities, the commissioner may destroy any certificates evidencing securities of any corporation which has been dissolved or whose charter has been suspended for a period of not less than two years for nonpayment of taxes or penalties and may destroy any other records pertaining to the escrow of the securities destroyed, and he or she shall have no further liability or accountability therefor; provided, that the commissioner shall maintain a permanent record containing such information as he or she may by rule prescribe relating to the certificates and records so destroyed.


Copies on microfilm or in other form which may be retained by the commissioner in his discretion of any records destroyed under this section shall be accepted for all purposes as equivalent to the original when certified by the commissioner.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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