CA Corp Code Section 2284


The Secretary of State shall render a final written decision on the application within 90 calendar days after a completed application has been received unless the claimant agrees in writing to extend the time within which the Secretary of State may render a decision.


The Secretary of State may deny or grant the application or may enter into a compromise with the claimant to pay less in settlement than the full amount of the claim. If the claimant refuses to accept a settlement of the claim offered by the Secretary of State, the written decision of the Secretary of State shall be to deny the claim. Evidence of settlement offers and discussions between the Secretary of State and the claimant shall not be competent evidence in judicial proceedings undertaken by the claimant pursuant to Section 2287.


Upon issuance of a proposed decision to award payment or an offer to compromise, the claimant shall have 60 calendar days from the date of service of the proposed award or offer to compromise to accept the proposed award or offer to compromise. If the claimant fails to accept the proposed award or offer to compromise within the specified time, the application shall be deemed denied.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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