CA Corp Code Section 1103

After approval of a merger by the board and any approval of the outstanding shares (Section 152) required by Chapter 12 (commencing with Section 1200), the surviving corporation shall file a copy of the agreement of merger with an officers’ certificate of each constituent corporation attached stating the total number of outstanding shares of each class entitled to vote on the merger, that the principal terms of the agreement in the form attached were approved by that corporation by a vote of a number of shares of each class which equaled or exceeded the vote required, specifying each class entitled to vote and the percentage vote required of each class, or that the merger agreement was entitled to be and was approved by the board alone under the provisions of Section 1201. If equity securities of a parent of a constituent corporation are to be issued in the merger, the officers’ certificate of that constituent corporation shall state either that no vote of the shareholders of the parent was required or that the required vote was obtained. The merger and any amendment of the articles of the surviving corporation contained in the merger agreement shall thereupon be effective (subject to subdivision (c) of Section 110 and subject to the provisions of Section 1108) and the several parties thereto shall be one corporation. The Secretary of State may certify a copy of the merger agreement separate from the officers’ certificates attached thereto.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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