California Commercial Code

Sec. § 6106.4

In any case where the notice of a bulk sale subject to Section 6106.2 states that claims may be filed with an escrow agent, the intended buyer shall deposit with the escrow agent the full amount of the purchase price or consideration. If, at the time the bulk sale is otherwise ready to be consummated, the amount of cash deposited or agreed to be deposited at or prior to consummation in the escrow is insufficient to pay in full all of the claims filed with the escrow agent, the escrow agent shall do each of the following:


(1)Delay the distribution of the consideration and the passing of legal title for a period of not less than 25 days nor more than 30 days from the date the notice required in paragraph (2) is mailed.


Within five business days after the time the bulk sale would otherwise have been consummated, send a written notice to each claimant who has filed a claim stating the total consideration deposited or agreed to be deposited in the escrow, the name of each claimant who filed a claim against the escrow and the amount of each claim, the amount proposed to be paid to each claimant, the new date scheduled for the passing of legal title pursuant to paragraph (1) and the date on or before which distribution will be made to claimants which shall not be more than five days after the new date specified for the passing of legal title.


If no written objection to the distribution described in the notice required by paragraph (2) is received by the escrow agent prior to the new date specified in the notice for the passing of legal title, the escrow agent shall not be liable to any person to whom the notice required by paragraph (2) was sent for any good faith error that may have been committed in allocating and distributing the consideration as stated in the notice.


Distribute the consideration in the following order of priorities:


All obligations owing to the United States, to the extent given priority by federal law.


Secured claims, including statutory and judicial liens, to the extent of the consideration fairly attributable to the value of the properties securing the claims and in accordance with the priorities provided by law. A secured creditor shall participate in the distribution pursuant to this subdivision only if a release of lien is deposited by the secured creditor conditioned only upon receiving an amount equal to the distribution.


Escrow and professional charges and brokers’ fees attributable directly to the sale.


Wage claims given priority by Section 1205 of the Code of Civil Procedure.


All other tax claims.


All other unsecured claims pro rata, including any deficiency claims of partially secured creditors.


To the extent that an obligation of the buyer to pay cash in the future is a part of the consideration and the cash consideration is not sufficient to pay all claims filed in full, apply all principal and interest received on the obligation to the payment of claims in accordance with subdivision (b) until they are paid in full before making any payment to the seller. In that case, the notice sent pursuant to subdivision (a) shall state the amount, terms, and due dates of the obligation and the portion of the claims expected to be paid thereby.
No funds may be drawn from the escrow, prior to the actual closing and completion of the escrow, for the payment, in whole or in part, of any commission, fee, or other consideration as compensation for a service that is contingent upon the performance of any act, condition, or instruction set forth in the escrow.

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