CA Civ Proc Code Section 751.23

Where the title to real property may be established or quieted pursuant to this chapter, any person who is or claims to be the owner of such real property or of any interest therein or lien thereon, by himself or by his agent duly authorized by letter of attorney theretofore recorded in the office of the county recorder of the county where the property is situated, may sign, verify, and file for record in the office of the county recorder a notice in substantially the following form:
“Notice of Ownership and Claim to Real Property Under the Destroyed Records Relief Law
“Notice is hereby given that ____ (here insert name of claimant) ____, whose residence is at ____ (here insert street and number, city or town, county and state of residence), is the owner of an interest in the real property situated in the ____ (here insert name of city if the property be located in a city) ____, county of ____ (here insert name of county or city and county in which property is located) ____, State of California, described as follows: ____ (here insert a particular description of real property) ____.
“The character of the interest in the real property owned by the claimant is ____ (here insert description of the character of interest in or lien upon the real property) ____ and the interest was obtained from ____ (here insert the name of the party from whom the interest was obtained) ____, and at the time and in the manner following ____ (here insert time at which and manner in which the interest was acquired) ____.”
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Aug. 19, 2023

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