CA Civ Proc Code Section 724.220


If real property is subject to a judgment lien created under an installment judgment, the judgment debtor or the owner of real property subject to the judgment lien may serve on the judgment creditor a demand in writing that the judgment creditor execute, acknowledge, and deliver to the person who made the demand an acknowledgment of satisfaction of matured installments under an installment judgment. Service shall be made personally or by mail.


The demand shall include the following statement: “Important warning. If the matured installments on this judgment have been satisfied as of date specified in this demand, the law requires that you comply with this demand not later than 15 days after you receive it. (The ‛matured installments’ are all amounts and installments that are due and payable on or before the date specified in this demand together with the accrued interest to that date and costs added to the judgment on or before that date.) If a court proceeding is necessary to compel you to comply with this demand, you will be required to pay my reasonable attorney’s fees in the proceeding if the court determines that the matured installments have been satisfied and that you failed to comply with the demand. In addition, if the court determines that you failed without just cause to comply with this demand within the 15 days allowed, you will be liable for all damages I sustain by reason of such failure and will also forfeit one hundred dollars to me.”


If the matured installments have been satisfied as of the date specified in the demand, the judgment creditor shall comply with the demand not later than 15 days after actual receipt of the demand.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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