CA Civ Proc Code Section 706.070

As used in this article:


“State” means the State of California and includes any officer, department, board, or agency thereof.


“State tax liability” means an amount for which the state has a state tax lien as defined in Section 7162 of the Government Code excluding a state tax lien created pursuant to the Fish and Game Code.


For purposes of an earnings withholding order for taxes issued by the Franchise Tax Board, “state tax liability” also includes any liability under Part 10 (commencing with Section 17001), Part 10.2 (commencing with Section 18401), or Part 11 (commencing with Section 23001) of Division 2 of the Revenue and Taxation Code that is due and payable within the meaning of subdivision (b) of Section 19221 of the Revenue and Taxation Code, and unpaid. The amendments to this section by the act adding this subdivision shall apply to any amount that is unpaid on or after the effective date of that act, or any amount that first becomes due and payable, and unpaid, after the effective date of that act.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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