CA Civ Proc Code Section 2025.610


Once any party has taken the deposition of any natural person, including that of a party to the action, neither the party who gave, nor any other party who has been served with a deposition notice pursuant to Section 2025.240 may take a subsequent deposition of that deponent.


Notwithstanding subdivision (a), for good cause shown, the court may grant leave to take a subsequent deposition, and the parties, with the consent of any deponent who is not a party, may stipulate that a subsequent deposition be taken.


This section does not preclude taking one subsequent deposition of a natural person who has previously been examined under either or both of the following circumstances:


The person was examined as a result of that person’s designation to testify on behalf of an organization under Section 2025.230.


The person was examined pursuant to a court order under Section 485.230, for the limited purpose of discovering pursuant to Section 485.230 the identity, location, and value of property in which the deponent has an interest.


This section does not authorize the taking of more than one subsequent deposition for the limited purpose of Section 485.230.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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