CA Civ Code Section 8726

An escrow account under this chapter shall satisfy all of the following requirements:


The account shall be designated as a “construction security escrow account.”


The account shall be located in this state and maintained with an escrow agent licensed under the Escrow Law, Division 6 (commencing with Section 17000) of the Financial Code, or with any person exempt from the Escrow Law under paragraph (1) or (3) of subdivision (a) of Section 17006 of the Financial Code.


The owner shall deposit funds in the account in the amount provided in Section 8728. This chapter does not require a construction lender to agree to deposit proceeds of a construction loan in the account.


The owner shall grant the direct contractor a perfected, first priority security interest in the account and in all funds deposited by the owner in the account and in their proceeds, established to the reasonable satisfaction of the direct contractor, which may be by a written opinion of legal counsel for the owner.


The funds on deposit in the account shall be the sole property of the owner, subject to the security interest of the direct contractor. The owner and the direct contractor shall instruct the escrow holder to hold the funds on deposit in the account for the purpose of perfecting the direct contractor’s security interest in the account and to disburse those funds only on joint authorization of the owner and the direct contractor, or pursuant to a court order that is binding on both of them.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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