California Civil Code
Sec. § 800.86


An escrow, sale, or transfer agreement involving a floating home located in the floating home marina at the time of sale, where the floating home is to remain in the floating home marina, shall contain a provision signed by the purchaser stating that by his or her signature he or she has agreed to the terms of a rental agreement. A copy of a fully executed rental agreement signed by both the purchaser and floating home marina management will satisfy the requirements of this section.


In the event the purchaser fails to execute the rental agreement, the purchaser shall not have any rights of tenancy.


In the event that an occupant of a floating home has no rights of tenancy and is not otherwise entitled to occupy the floating home pursuant to this chapter, the occupant shall be considered an unlawful occupant if, after a demand is made for the surrender of the floating home marina berth, for a period of five days, the occupant has refused to surrender the berth to the floating home marina management. In the event the unlawful occupant fails to comply with the demand, the unlawful occupant shall be subject to the proceedings set forth in Chapter 4 (commencing with Section 1159) of Title 3 of Part 3 of the Code of Civil Procedure.


The occupant of the floating home shall not be considered an unlawful occupant and shall not be subject to the provisions of subdivision (c) if all of the following conditions exist:


The occupant is the registered owner of the floating home.


The management has determined that the occupant has the financial ability to pay the rent and charges of the floating home marina, will comply with the rules and regulations of the floating home marina, based on the occupants prior tenancies, and will comply with this article.


The management failed or refused to offer the occupant a rental agreement.
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