California Civil Code

Sec. § 1812.621

The Legislature hereby finds and declares that consumers enter into rental-purchase contracts that do not adequately disclose the actual terms and cost of the transaction or the consumer’s liability for certain breaches of the contract, and that contain unfair provisions, including unfair terms related to fees and charges, the exercise or the termination of purchase option rights, property loss and damage, and the repair or replacement of improperly functioning rental property.
It is, therefore, the intent of the Legislature in enacting this title to ensure that consumers are protected from misrepresentations and unfair dealings by ensuring that consumers are adequately informed of all relevant terms, including the cash price, periodic payments, total purchase price, and other applicable charges or fees, before they enter into rental-purchase contracts.
It is further the intent of the Legislature to (a) prohibit unfair or unconscionable conduct toward consumers in connection with rental-purchase transactions, (b) prohibit unfair contract terms, including unreasonable charges, (c) prevent the forfeiture of contract rights by consumers, (d) provide a right of reinstatement and a reasonable formula for the exercise of purchase option rights under a rental-purchase contract, (e) provide reasonable requirements for the servicing, repair, and replacement of improperly functioning rental property, and (f) cover rental-purchase transactions under existing laws, including laws governing debt collection, cosigners, home solicitation contracts, and warranties. This title shall be liberally construed to achieve its remedial objectives.

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