CA Civ Code Section 1812.526

Nurses’ registries may enter into a continuing contract with private duty nurses covering the assignment of those nurses by the nurses’ registries. The continuing contract shall state:


The name, address, and telephone number of the nurses’ registry.


The name, address, and telephone number of the nurse.


The current fee schedule of the nurses’ registry.


The date of its execution by the nurses’ registry and the nurse.


The contract shall specify that the provisions thereof are to govern only the assignment of private duty nurses and shall do all of the following:


Designate the nurses’ registry as the continuous agent of the nurse for purposes of assignment.


Provide that the contract in effect may be terminated at any time by written notice given by one to the other for any future assignment.


Provide for delivery to the nurse at the time of the execution of the contract a written schedule of the rates of nurses’ charges currently agreed to between the nurses’ registry and the nurse for the nurse’s services to the patient.


State that the nurses’ registry will immediately notify the nurse in writing of all subsequent changes in the rates to be charged the patient for services, and that the nurse shall agree to abide by these rates.


Contain express undertakings by the nurses’ registry that it shall continuously maintain true and correct records of orders and assignments as provided in this title.


Provide that the nurses’ registry shall periodically and at least once each month render to the nurse a written statement of all fees claimed to be due the nurses’ registry, and further that the statement shall adequately identify each assignment as to the inception date and period of service covered by the claim, including the name of the patient and the amount of service fee claimed.


Contain appropriate wording advising the nurse of his or her right to dispute the correctness of any service fee claimed by the nurses’ registry in the written statement referred to above, and that in the absence of objections within a reasonable time, any such service fee may be presumed to be correctly charged.


Include any other term, condition, or understanding agreed upon between the nurses’ registry and the nurse.


Each contract shall be numbered consecutively in original and duplicate, both to be signed by the nurse and the nurses’ registry. The original shall be given to the nurse and the duplicate shall be kept on file at the nurses’ registry within the nurse’s records.


The full agreement between the parties shall be contained in a single document containing those elements set forth in this section.
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