CA Civ Code Section 1812.504


Every employment agency shall give a written contract to every jobseeker from whom a fee or deposit is to be received, whether directly or indirectly. The original of the contract shall be given to the jobseeker at the time the jobseeker signs the contract and before the employment agency accepts any fee or deposit or the jobseeker becomes obligated to pay any such fee or deposit. The contract shall contain all of the following:


The name, address, and telephone number of the employment agency, and, if the employment agency has more than one office or location, the address and telephone number of the principal office or location providing services to the jobseeker.


The name and address of the person giving the order for help, the date and consecutive number of the receipt of the order by the agency, and its manner of transmission.


The name of the jobseeker, the name and address of the person to whom the jobseeker is sent for employment, and the address where the jobseeker is to report for employment.


The date and consecutive number of the contract.


The amount of the fee to be charged and to be collected from the jobseeker, including a statement that if the employment is terminated, the fee may not exceed gross earnings of the jobseeker in that employment, and the amount of the fee paid or advanced by the prospective employer and by whom paid or advanced.


The kind of work or employment.


The daily hours of work; the wages or salary, including any consideration or privilege; the benefits; and any other conditions of employment.


If any labor trouble exists at the place of employment, that fact shall be stated in the contract.


A contract expiration date which shall not be later than 180 days from the date of the referral or signing of the contract, whichever occurs first; however, a domestic agency operating as a registry may enter into a continuing contract subject to termination by written notice by either the domestic worker or the agency.


Any other term, condition, or understanding agreed upon between the agency and the jobseeker.


The following statement, with the caption in type no smaller than 10-point boldfaced type and the remainder in a size no smaller than that generally used throughout the contract, and in full capitals, boldface, or italics: RIGHT TO REFUND “If you pay all or any portion of a fee and fail to accept employment, the employment agency shall, upon your request, return the amount paid to you within 48 hours after your request for a refund. “If you leave employment for just cause or are discharged for reasons other than misconduct connected with your work within 90 days from the starting date of employment, the agency shall reduce your fee to that payable for temporary employment and shall refund any excess paid within 10 days of your request for a refund. “No fee larger than that for temporary employment may be charged to you for employment lasting 90 days or less unless the agency’s fee schedules, contracts, and agreements provide for a further charge if you leave employment without just cause or are discharged for misconduct in connection with your work. “If any refund due is not made within the time limits set forth above, the employment agency shall pay you an additional sum equal to the amount of the refund.”


All contracts shall be dated and shall be made and numbered consecutively, both copies to be signed by the jobseeker and the person acting for the employment agency. The original shall be given to the jobseeker and one copy shall be kept on file at the employment agency.


The full agreement between the parties shall be contained in a single document containing those elements set forth in this section.


When a referral is made by telephone the agency shall execute the contract or receipt in triplicate and shall mail the original and duplicate to the jobseeker on the day the referral is made, with instructions that they be signed by the jobseeker and the duplicate returned to the agency. The date of mailing the contract or receipt to the jobseeker shall be entered thereon by the agency. The same contract or receipt shall not be used for more than one referral.


For purposes of this section, a “domestic agency operating as a registry” means a domestic agency that engages in the business of obtaining and filling commitments for domestic help.
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