California Civil Code

Sec. § 1812.308


Except in the case of a membership camping operator substituting a campground in accordance with Section 1812.307, no membership camping operator or owner of the underlying fee shall sell, lease, assign, or otherwise transfer his or her interest in a campground except by an instrument evidencing the transfer recorded in the office of the county recorder for the county in which the campground is located. The instrument shall be in recordable form and be executed by both the transferor and transferee and shall state each of the following:


That the instrument is intended to protect the rights of all purchasers of membership camping contracts.


That its terms may be enforced by any prior or subsequent purchaser so long as that purchaser is not in default on his or her obligations under the membership camping contract.


That the transferee shall fully honor the rights of the purchasers to occupy and use the campground as provided in the purchaser’s original membership camping contracts.


That the transferee shall fully honor all rights of purchasers to cancel their contracts and receive appropriate refunds.


That the obligations of the transferee under the instrument will continue to exist despite any cancellation or rejection of the contracts between the membership camping operator and purchaser arising out of bankruptcy proceedings.


If any transfer of the interest of the membership camping operator or owner of the underlying fee occurs in a manner which is not in compliance with this section, the terms set forth in this section shall be presumed to be a part of the transfer and shall be deemed to be included in the instrument of transfer. Notice of the transfer shall be mailed to each purchaser within 30 days of the transfer. Persons who hold blanket encumbrances on a campground shall not be considered transferees for the purposes of this section.

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