CA Civ Code Section 1812.307

No membership camping operator shall withdraw from the use by purchasers of membership camping contracts any campground unless one of the following conditions is satisfied:


Adequate provision is made to provide within a reasonable time, a substitute campground in the same general area that is as desirable for the purpose of camping and outdoor recreation.


The campground is withdrawn from use because, despite good faith efforts by the membership camping operator, a person not affiliated with the membership camping operator has exercised a superior right to possession (such as the right of a lessor to take possession following expiration of a lease of the property) and the terms and date of the withdrawal were disclosed in writing to all purchasers at or prior to the time of any sale of a membership camping contract after the membership camping operator represented to purchasers that the campground would be available for camping or recreation purposes.


The rights of all purchasers of membership camping contracts who are entitled to use the campground have expired or have been lawfully terminated.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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