California Civil Code

Sec. § 1785.42


“Commercial credit report” means any report provided to a commercial enterprise for a legitimate business purpose, relating to the financial status or payment habits of a commercial enterprise which is the subject of the report. It does not include a report subject to Title 1.6 (commencing with Section 1785.1), Title 1.6A (commencing with Section 1786), or a report prepared for commercial insurance underwriting, claims, or auditing purposes.
The term does not include (1) any report containing information related to transactions or experiences between the subject and the person making the report; (2) any authorization or approval of a specific extension of credit directly or indirectly by the issuer of a credit card or similar device; or (3) any report in which a person who has been requested by a third party to make a specific extension of credit directly or indirectly to the subject conveys its decision with respect to that request.


“Commercial credit reporting agency” means any person who, for monetary fees, dues, or on a cooperative nonprofit basis, provides commercial credit reports to third parties.


“Subject” means the commercial enterprise about which a commercial credit report has been compiled.

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