California Civil Code

Sec. § 1747.94


In addition to any other disclosures required by law, a card issuer of a secured credit card shall, in every advertisement or solicitation to prospective cardholders, expressly identify the credit instrument offered as a “secured credit card” and prominently disclose that credit extended under the secured credit card is secured, and shall describe the security by item or type.


Any deed of trust executed in connection with a secured credit card shall contain a statement that it is security for a secured credit card obligation. However, failure to include the statement shall not invalidate the deed of trust.


This section does not apply to either of the following:


Any credit card which is issued under an agreement or other instrument creating a purchase money security interest in property purchased with the credit card, but which does not pledge, hypothecate, or place a lien on other property of the cardholder or any co-obligor.


Loans or extensions of credit subject to the Federal Home Equity Loan Consumer Protection Act of 1988 (P. L. 100-709).


Any violation of this section shall constitute unfair competition within the meaning of Section 17200 of the Business and Professions Code.

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