California Civil Code

Sec. § 1747.85

Unless requested by the cardholder, no card issuer shall cancel a credit card without having first given the cardholder 30 days’ written notice of its intention to do so unless the cardholder is or has been within the last 90 days in default of payment or otherwise in violation of any provision of the agreement between the card issuer and the cardholder governing the cardholder’s use of the credit card or unless the card issuer has evidence or reasonable belief that the cardholder is unable or unwilling to repay obligations incurred under the agreement or that an unauthorized use of the card may be made.
Nothing provided herein shall be construed to prohibit a card issuer from placing the account of a cardholder on inactive status if the cardholder has not used the card for a period in excess of 18 months or from requiring that cardholder, upon subsequent reuse of a card, to provide to the card issuer such updated information as will enable the card issuer to verify the current creditworthiness of the cardholder.

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