CA Bus & Prof Code Section 8664


This section only applies to work conducted under a Branch 1 license.


Before a fine can be levied pursuant to Section 8663, the prime contractor shall be provided notice of the nature of the violation and shall be given an opportunity to be heard, including the right to review the commissioner’s evidence and a right to present evidence on his or her own behalf.


The prime contractor may appeal the fine to the Disciplinary Review Committee and shall be subject to the procedures in Section 8662.


If a fine is ordered, it may not take effect until 20 days after the date of the decision provided that no appeal is filed. If an appeal is filed pursuant to Section 8662, the order shall be stayed until 20 days after the committee has ruled on the appeal.


Once final action is taken pursuant to this section, no other administrative or civil action may be taken by any state governmental agency for the same violation. However, action taken pursuant to this section may be used by the board as evidence of prior discipline, and multiple local actions may be the basis for statewide disciplinary action by the board pursuant to Section 8620. A certified copy of the fine order issued pursuant to this section or Section 8662 shall constitute conclusive evidence of the occurrence of the violation.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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