CA Bus & Prof Code Section 8505


“Structural pest control” and “pest control” as used in this chapter are synonymous. Except as provided in Section 8555 and elsewhere in this chapter, it is, with respect to household pests and wood destroying pests or organisms, or other pests that may invade households or other structures, including railroad cars, ships, docks, trucks, airplanes, or the contents thereof, the engaging in, offering to engage in, advertising for, soliciting, or the performance of, any of the following:


Identification of infestations or infections.


The making of an inspection or inspections for the purpose of identifying or attempting to identify infestations or infections of household or other structures by those pests or organisms.


The making of inspection reports, recommendations, estimates, and bids, whether oral or written, with respect to those infestations or infections.


The making of contracts, or the submitting of bids for, or the performance of any work including the making of structural repairs or replacements, or the use of pesticides, or mechanical devices for the purpose of eliminating, exterminating, controlling or preventing infestations or infections of those pests, or organisms. (b)“Household pests” are defined for the purpose of this chapter as those pests other than wood destroying pests or organisms, which invade households and other structures, including, but not limited to, rodents, vermin, and insects.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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