CA Bus & Prof Code Section 6980.50


All registrations shall be placed on a cyclical renewal and shall expire two years following the date of issuance or assigned renewal date.


At least 60 days prior to the expiration of a registration, a registrant who desires to renew his or her registration shall forward to the bureau a copy of his or her current registration card, along with the renewal fee as set forth in this chapter.


The licensee shall provide to any employee information regarding procedures for renewal of registration.


An expired registration may still be renewed within 30 days from the date of expiration provided the registrant pays a delinquency fee provided by this chapter. A registration not renewed within 30 days following its expiration may not be renewed thereafter. The holder of an expired registration may obtain a new registration only on compliance with all the provisions of this chapter relating to the issuance of an original registration. The holder of an expired registration shall not engage in any activity requiring registration under this chapter until the bureau issues a renewal or new registration.


If the renewed registration card has not been delivered to the registrant, prior to the date of expiration of the prior registration, the registrant may present evidence of renewal to substantiate continued registration, for a period not to exceed 90 days after the date of expiration.


A registration shall not be renewed until any and all fines, not pending appeal, assessed by the chief or the director have been paid.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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