CA Bus & Prof Code Section 6980.48


Upon determining that the applicant is qualified for registration pursuant to this chapter, the bureau shall issue a pocket registration card to the employee. The applicant may request to be issued an enhanced pocket card that shall be composed of durable material and may incorporate technologically advanced security features. The bureau may charge a fee sufficient to reimburse the department for costs for furnishing the enhanced pocket card. The fee charged may not exceed the actual cost for system development, maintenance, and processing necessary to provide the service, and may not exceed six dollars ($6). If the applicant does not request an enhanced card, the department shall issue a standard card at no cost to the applicant.


The registrant shall carry a valid registration card issued by the bureau under this section, and either a valid driver’s license issued pursuant to Section 12811 of the Vehicle Code or a valid identification card issued pursuant to Section 13000 of the Vehicle Code, at all times the registrant is engaged in the work of a locksmith whether on or off the premises of the licensee’s place of business. Every person, while engaged in any activity for which licensure is required, shall display his or her valid pocket card, and driver’s license or identification card, as provided by regulation.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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