CA Bus & Prof Code Section 6799


The amount of the fees prescribed by this chapter shall be fixed by the board in accordance with the following schedule:


The fee for filing each application for licensure as a professional engineer and each application for authority level designation at not more than four hundred dollars ($400) and for each application for certification as an engineer-in-training at not more than one hundred dollars ($100).


The fee to take an examination administered by a public or private organization pursuant to Section 6754 shall be no greater than the actual cost of the development and administration of the examination and may be paid directly to the organization by the applicant.


The renewal fee for each branch of professional engineering in which licensure is held, and the renewal fee for each authority level designation held, at no more than the professional engineer application fee currently in effect.


The fee for a retired license at not more than 50 percent of the professional engineer application fee in effect on the date of application.


The delinquency fee at not more than 50 percent of the renewal fee in effect on the date of reinstatement.


The board shall establish by regulation an appeal fee for examination. The regulation shall include provisions for an applicant to be reimbursed the appeal fee if the appeal results in passage of examination. The fee charged shall be no more than the costs incurred by the board.


All other document fees are to be set by the board by rule.


Applicants wishing to be examined in more than one branch of engineering shall be required to pay the additional fee for each examination after the first.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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