CA Bus & Prof Code Section 6301.1

Notwithstanding Section 6301, in San Diego County the board of law library trustees shall be constituted, as follows:


Up to five judges of the superior court, to be elected by and from the superior court judges of the county. Each superior court judge so elected shall serve a three-year term. In order to maintain overlapping terms, those judges holding office as of the date of unification of the municipal and superior courts of San Diego County shall remain in office until the expiration of their original terms.


The board of supervisors shall appoint up to four attorneys resident in the county to the board of law library trustees, to serve overlapping three-year terms. In order to stagger the appointments, the board of supervisors shall, in January of 1997, appoint one attorney to a one-year term, one attorney to a two-year term, and one attorney to a three-year term; and as each term expires, the new appointee shall thereafter serve three-year terms. At least one attorney appointed pursuant to this subdivision shall be a member of the San Diego County Bar Association.


In the event a trustee cannot serve a full term, the appointing authority for that individual shall appoint another qualified person to complete that term. Interim appointments may be made by the board of law library trustees in accordance with Section 6305.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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