CA Bus & Prof Code Section 6051

The chairman or presiding officer of the board or the committee having jurisdiction or the chief trial counsel shall report the fact that a person under subpoena is in contempt of the subpoenaing body to the superior court in and for the county in which the proceeding, investigation or other matter is being conducted and thereupon the court may issue an attachment in the form usual in the superior court, directed to the sheriff of the county, commanding the sheriff to attach the person and immediately bring him or her before the court. On the return of the attachment, and the production of the person attached, the superior court has jurisdiction of the matter, and the person charged may purge himself or herself of the contempt in the same way, and the same proceedings shall be had, and the same penalties may be imposed, and the same punishment inflicted, as in the case of a witness subpoenaed to appear and give evidence on the trial of a civil cause before a superior court. In lieu of the procedure specified above, the court may enter an order directing the person alleged to be in contempt to appear before the court at a specified time and place and then and there show cause why he or she has not attended or testified or produced the writings as required. A copy of the order shall be served upon that person. If it appears to the court that the subpoena was regularly issued and no good cause is shown for the refusal to appear or testify or produce the writings, the court shall enter an order that the person appear, testify, or produce writings, as the case may be. Upon failure to obey the order, the person shall be dealt with as for contempt of court. A proceeding pursuant to this section shall be entitled “In the Matter of (state name), Alleged Contemnor re State Bar (proceeding, investigation or matter) No. (insert number).”
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Aug. 19, 2023

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