CA Bus & Prof Code Section 5076.1


The board shall appoint a peer review oversight committee of certified public accountants of this state who maintain a license in good standing and who are authorized to practice public accountancy to provide recommendations to the board on any matter upon which it is authorized to act to ensure the effectiveness of mandatory peer review.


The committee may request any information from a board-recognized peer review program provider deemed necessary to ensure the provider is administering peer reviews in accordance with the standards adopted by the board in regulations. Failure of a board-recognized peer review program provider to respond to the committee shall result in referral by the committee of the provider to the board for further action. Any information obtained by the board, its representatives, or the peer review oversight committee in conjunction with its review of peer review program providers shall not be a public record, and shall be exempt from public disclosure, provided, however, this information may be disclosed under any of the following circumstances:


In connection with disciplinary proceedings of the board.


In connection with legal proceedings in which the board is a party.


In response to an official inquiry by a federal or state governmental regulatory agency.


In compliance with a subpoena or summons enforceable by court order.


As otherwise specifically required by law.


The members of the committee shall be appointed to two-year terms and may serve a maximum of four consecutive terms.


The board may adopt, as necessary, regulations further defining the minimum qualifications for appointment as a committee member and additional administrative elements designed to ensure the effectiveness of mandatory peer review.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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