CA Bus & Prof Code Section 4982.15


The board may place a license or registration on probation under the following circumstances:


In lieu of, or in addition to, any order of the board suspending or revoking the license or registration of any licensee or intern.


Upon the issuance of a license to an individual who has been guilty of unprofessional conduct, but who had otherwise completed all education and training and experience required for licensure.


As a condition upon the reissuance or reinstatement of any license that has been suspended or revoked by the board.


The board may adopt regulations establishing a monitoring program to ensure compliance with any terms or conditions of probation imposed by the board pursuant to subdivision (a). The cost of probation or monitoring may be ordered to be paid by the licensee, registrant, or applicant.


The board, in its discretion, may require any licensee or registrant who has been placed on probation, or whose license or registration has been suspended, to obtain additional professional training, and to pass an examination upon completion of that training, and to pay any necessary examination fee. The examination may be written, oral, or a practical or clinical examination.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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