California Business and Professions Code
Sec. § 26150

For purposes of this chapter:


“Advertise” means the publication or dissemination of an advertisement.


“Advertisement” includes any written or verbal statement, illustration, or depiction which is calculated to induce sales of marijuana or marijuana products, including any written, printed, graphic, or other material, billboard, sign, or other outdoor display, public transit card, other periodical literature, publication, or in a radio or television broadcast, or in any other media; except that such term shall not include:


Any label affixed to any marijuana or marijuana products, or any individual covering, carton, or other wrapper of such container that constitutes a part of the labeling under provisions of this division.


Any editorial or other reading material (e.g., news release) in any periodical or publication or newspaper for the publication of which no money or valuable consideration is paid or promised, directly or indirectly, by any licensee, and which is not written by or at the direction of the licensee.


“Advertising sign” is any sign, poster, display, billboard, or any other stationary or permanently affixed advertisement promoting the sale of marijuana or marijuana products which are not cultivated, manufactured, distributed, or sold on the same lot.


“Health-related statement” means any statement related to health, and includes statements of a curative or therapeutic nature that, expressly or by implication, suggest a relationship between the consumption of marijuana or marijuana products and health benefits, or effects on health.


“Market” or “Marketing” means any act or process of promoting or selling marijuana or marijuana products, including, but not limited to, sponsorship of sporting events, point-of-sale advertising, and development of products specifically designed to appeal to certain demographics.
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Jun. 6, 2016