CA Bus & Prof Code Section 24045.10


The department in its discretion may issue, on a temporary basis, a daily on-sale general license for a vessel of 7,000 tons or more displacement engaged in interstate or foreign commerce, which is located in a county of the third class.


The license shall be issued to the operator of the vessel and shall entitle the licensee to sell only alcoholic beverages on which all applicable excise taxes have been paid only to passengers, bona fide guests of passengers, bona fide guests of the vessel operator, and employees not on duty and only while the vessel is berthed at a dock in port in this state which is on the vessel’s regularly scheduled interstate or international cruise itinerary.


The license shall be issued for a period not to exceed two consecutive days. No license shall be issued for use on the same vessel more than 24 times per calendar year.


For the purpose of this section, a “bona fide guest of a passenger” or a “bona fide guest of the operator” means an individual whose presence as a guest on the vessel is in response to a specific invitation by a passenger or the operator.


The fee for the license shall be fifty dollars ($50) per day.


Application for the license may be made by the vessel’s agent on behalf of the vessel’s operator upon written authorization by the vessel’s operator.


All alcoholic beverages dispensed under authority of the license shall have been purchased from a licensed wholesaler or winegrower in this state.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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