CA Bus & Prof Code Section 24015


If, after investigation, the department recommends that a license be issued, with or without conditions, notwithstanding that one or more protests have been accepted by the department, the department shall notify the applicant and all protesting parties whose protests have been accepted in writing of its determination.


Any person who has filed a verified protest in a timely fashion pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 24013, that has been accepted pursuant to this article may request that the department conduct a hearing on the issue or issues raised in the protest. The request shall be in writing and shall be filed with the department within 15 business days of the date the department notifies the protesting party of its determination as required under subdivision (a).


At any time prior to the issuance of the license, the department may, in its discretion, accept a late request for a hearing upon a showing of good cause. Any determination of the department pursuant to this subdivision shall not be an issue at the hearing nor grounds for appeal or review.


If a request for a hearing is filed with the department pursuant to subdivision (b), the department shall schedule a hearing on the protest. The issues to be determined at the hearing shall be limited to those issues raised in the protest or protests of the person or persons requesting the hearing.


Notwithstanding that a hearing is held pursuant to subdivision (d), the protest or protests of any person or persons who did not request a hearing as authorized in this section shall be deemed withdrawn.


If no request for a hearing is filed with the department pursuant to this section, any protest or protests shall be deemed withdrawn and the department may issue the license without any further proceeding.


If the person filing the request for a hearing fails to appear at the hearing, the protest shall be deemed withdrawn.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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