CA Bus & Prof Code Section 23373

A California winegrower’s agent’s license authorizes any of the following:


The possession of wine produced in California and brandy distilled in California in public or private warehouses.


The sale to wholesalers for his or her own account or the solicitation of and sale to wholesalers for the account of a licensed winegrower of wine that was produced in this state and brandy that was distilled in this state.


The invoicing and collection on behalf of a winegrower of payments for orders solicited by the agent.


Performance or furnishing on behalf of the winegrower for which he or she is an agent, of the services which the winegrower is authorized to perform or furnish under the provisions of Sections 23356.1, 25503.1, 25503.2, 25503.3, 25503.5, 25503.8, 25503.9, 25503.26, and 25503.85.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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