CA Bus & Prof Code Section 23363.3


A brandy manufacturer’s license authorizes the licensee to conduct tastings of brandy produced or bottled by, or produced or bottled for, the licensee, on or off the licensee’s premises.


(1)A brandy manufacturer shall not sell or solicit sales of brandy at the event. The sponsoring organization shall first obtain a permit from the department.


For purposes of this subdivision, “nonprofit organization” does not include any community college or other institution of higher learning, as defined in the Education Code, nor does it include any officially recognized club, fraternity, or sorority, whether or not that entity is located on or off the institution’s campus.


Tastings on the licensee’s premises shall be subject to the following conditions:


Tastings of brandy shall not exceed one-fourth of one ounce and shall be limited to no more than six tastes per individual per day.


Tastings shall only include the products that are authorized to be produced or bottled by or for the licensee.


A person under 21 years of age shall not serve tastes of brandy.


Tastings of brandy shall not be given in the form of a cocktail or a mixed drink.


Notwithstanding Section 25600, the licensee may provide brandy without charge for any tastings conducted pursuant to this section. The licensee may charge for tastings conducted by the licensee on its licensed premises.


This section shall not relieve the holder of a brandy manufacturer’s license of any civil or criminal liability arising out of a violation of Section 25602.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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