CA Bus & Prof Code Section 23357.3


A beer manufacturer’s license or out-of-state beer manufacturer’s certificate issued to a manufacturer located within the United States authorizes the licensee to conduct tastings of beer produced or bottled by, or produced or bottled for, the licensee, on or off the licensee’s premises. Beer tastings may be conducted by the licensee off the licensee’s premises only for an event sponsored by a nonprofit organization and only if persons attending the event are affiliated with the sponsor. No beer shall be sold or solicited for sale in that portion of the premises where the beer tasting is being conducted. Notwithstanding Section 25600, the manufacturer may provide beer without charge for any tastings conducted pursuant to this section.


(1)For purposes of this section, “nonprofit organization” does not include any community college or other institution of higher learning, as defined in the Education Code, nor does it include any officially recognized club, fraternity, or sorority whether or not that entity is located on or off the institution’s campus.


For purposes of this section, “affiliated with the sponsor” means directors, officers, members, employees, and volunteers of bona fide charitable, fraternal, political, religious, trade, service, or similar nonprofit organizations and their invited guests.


For purposes of this section, persons “affiliated with the sponsor” also includes up to three guests invited by persons described in paragraph (2).


The sponsoring organization shall first obtain a permit from the department at a fee equal to the actual cost of issuing the permit but not to exceed twenty-five dollars ($25) per day.


The department may adopt rules and regulations as it determines to be necessary for the administration of this section.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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