CA Bus & Prof Code Section 20021

If during the period in which the franchise is in effect, there occurs any of the following events which is relevant to the franchise, immediate notice of termination without an opportunity to cure, shall be deemed reasonable:


The franchisee or the business to which the franchise relates has been the subject of an order for relief in bankruptcy, judicially determined to be insolvent, all or a substantial part of the assets thereof are assigned to or for the benefit of any creditor, or the franchisee admits his or her inability to pay his or her debts as they come due;


The franchisee abandons the franchise by failing to operate the business for five consecutive days during which the franchisee is required to operate the business under the terms of the franchise, or any shorter period after which it is not unreasonable under the facts and circumstances for the franchisor to conclude that the franchisee does not intend to continue to operate the franchise, unless such failure to operate is due to fire, flood, earthquake, or other similar causes beyond the franchisee’s control;


The franchisor and franchisee agree in writing to terminate the franchise;


The franchisee makes any material misrepresentations relating to the acquisition of the franchise business or the franchisee engages in conduct which reflects materially and unfavorably upon the operation and reputation of the franchise business or system;


The franchisee fails, for a period of 10 days after notification of noncompliance, to comply with any federal, state, or local law or regulation, including, but not limited to, all health, safety, building, and labor laws or regulations applicable to the operation of the franchise;


The franchisee, after curing any failure in accordance with Section 20020 engages in the same noncompliance whether or not such noncompliance is corrected after notice;


The franchisee repeatedly fails to comply with one or more requirements of the franchise, whether or not corrected after notice;


The franchised business or business premises of the franchise are seized, taken over, or foreclosed by a government official in the exercise of his or her duties, or seized, taken over, or foreclosed by a creditor, lienholder, or lessor, provided that a final judgment against the franchisee remains unsatisfied for 30 days (unless a supersedeas or other appeal bond has been filed); or a levy of execution has been made upon the license granted by the franchise agreement or upon any property used in the franchised business, and it is not discharged within five days of such levy;


The franchisee is convicted of a felony or any other criminal misconduct which is relevant to the operation of the franchise;


The franchisee fails to pay any franchise fees or other amounts due to the franchisor or its affiliate within five days after receiving written notice that such fees are overdue; or


The franchisor makes a reasonable determination that continued operation of the franchise by the franchisee will result in an imminent danger to public health or safety.


If the franchise expressly permits termination under such circumstances, there is a lawful termination or nonrenewal of a separate motor fuel franchise governed by provisions of the Petroleum Marketing Practices Act (15 U.S.C. Secs. 2801 to 2807, inclusive) that is operated by the franchisee or affiliate of the franchisee located at the same business premises if both franchises are granted by the same franchisor or an affiliate of the franchisor. “Affiliate” shall have the same meaning as set forth in subdivision (k) of Section 31005.5 of the Corporations Code.
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