CA Bus & Prof Code Section 19914


The commission may revoke a work permit or, if issued by the licensing authority of a city, county, or city and county, notify the authority to revoke it, and the licensing authority shall revoke it, if the commission finds, after a hearing, that a gambling enterprise employee or independent agent has failed to disclose, misstated, or otherwise misled the department or the commission with respect to any fact contained in any application for a work permit, or if the commission finds that the employee or independent agent, subsequent to being issued a work permit, has done any of the following:


Committed, attempted, or conspired to do any acts prohibited by this chapter.


Engaged in any dishonest, fraudulent, or unfairly deceptive activities in connection with controlled gambling, or knowingly possessed or permitted to remain in or upon any premises any cards, dice, mechanical devices, or any other cheating device.


Concealed or refused to disclose any material fact in any investigation by the department.


Committed, attempted, or conspired to commit, any embezzlement or larceny against a gambling licensee or upon the premises of a gambling establishment.


Been convicted in any jurisdiction of any offense involving or relating to gambling.


Accepted employment without prior commission approval in a position for which he or she could be required to be licensed under this chapter after having been denied a license or after failing to apply for licensing when requested to do so by the commission.


Been refused the issuance of any license, permit, or approval to engage in or be involved with gambling or parimutuel wagering in any jurisdiction, or had the license, permit, or approval revoked or suspended.


Been prohibited under color of governmental authority from being present upon the premises of any licensed gambling establishment or any establishment where parimutuel wagering is conducted, for any reason relating to improper gambling activities or any illegal act.


Been convicted of any felony.


The commission shall revoke a work permit if it finds, after hearing, that the holder thereof would be disqualified from holding a state gambling license for the reasons specified in subdivision (f) or (g) of Section 19859.


Nothing in this section shall be construed to limit any powers of the commission with respect to licensing.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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