CA Bus & Prof Code Section 19867


An application for a license or a determination of suitability shall be accompanied by the deposit of a sum of money that, in the judgment of the chief, will be adequate to pay the anticipated costs and charges incurred in the investigation and processing of the application. The chief shall adopt a schedule of costs and charges of investigation for use as guidelines in fixing the amount of any required deposit under this section. The schedule shall distinguish between initial and renewal licenses with respect to costs and charges.


During an investigation, the chief may require an applicant to deposit any additional sums as are required by the department to pay final costs and charges of the investigation.


Any money received from an applicant in excess of the costs and charges incurred in the investigation or the processing of the application shall be refunded pursuant to regulations adopted by the department. At the conclusion of the investigation, the chief shall provide the applicant a written, itemized accounting of the costs and charges thereby incurred.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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