CA Bus & Prof Code Section 19826

The department shall perform all investigatory functions required by this chapter, as well as auditing functions under tribal gaming compacts, and shall have all of the following responsibilities:


To receive and process applications for any license, permit, or other approval, and to collect all related fees. The department shall investigate the qualifications of applicants before any license, permit, or other approval is issued, and investigate any request to the commission for any approval that may be required pursuant to this chapter. The department may recommend the denial or the limitation, conditioning, or restriction of any license, permit, or other approval.


To monitor the conduct of all licensees and other persons having a material involvement, directly or indirectly, with a gambling operation or its holding company, for the purpose of ensuring that licenses are not issued or held by, and that there is no direct or indirect material involvement with, a gambling operation or holding company by ineligible, unqualified, disqualified, or unsuitable persons, or persons whose operations are conducted in a manner that is inimical to the public health, safety, or welfare.


To investigate suspected violations of this chapter or laws of this state relating to gambling, including any activity prohibited by Chapter 9 (commencing with Section 319) or Chapter 10 (commencing with Section 330) of Title 9 of Part 1 of the Penal Code.


To investigate complaints that are lodged against licensees, or other persons associated with a gambling operation, by members of the public.


To initiate, where appropriate, disciplinary actions as provided in this chapter. In connection with any disciplinary action, the department may seek restriction, limitation, suspension, or revocation of any license or approval, or the imposition of any fine upon any person licensed or approved.


To adopt regulations reasonably related to its functions and duties as specified in this chapter.


Approve the play of any controlled game, including placing restrictions and limitations on how a controlled game may be played. The department shall make available to the public the rules of play and the collection rates of each gaming activity approved for play at each gambling establishment on the Attorney General’s Web site. Actual costs incurred by the department to review and approve game rules shall be reimbursed to the department by the licensee making the request.
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