CA Bus & Prof Code Section 19824

The commission shall have all powers necessary and proper to enable it fully and effectually to carry out the policies and purposes of this chapter, including, without limitation, the power to do all of the following:


Require any person to apply for a license, permit, registration, or approval as specified in this chapter, or regulations adopted pursuant to this chapter.


For any cause deemed reasonable by the commission, deny any application for a license, permit, or approval provided for in this chapter or regulations adopted pursuant to this chapter, limit, condition, or restrict any license, permit, or approval, or impose any fine upon any person licensed or approved. The commission may condition, restrict, discipline, or take action against the license of an individual owner endorsed on the license certificate of the gambling enterprise whether or not the commission takes action against the license of the gambling enterprise.


Approve or disapprove transactions, events, and processes as provided in this chapter.


Take actions deemed to be reasonable to ensure that no ineligible, unqualified, disqualified, or unsuitable persons are associated with controlled gambling activities.


Take actions deemed to be reasonable to ensure that gambling activities take place only in suitable locations.


Grant temporary licenses, permits, or approvals on appropriate terms and conditions.


Institute a civil action in any superior court against any person subject to this chapter to restrain a violation of this chapter. An action brought against a person pursuant to this section does not preclude a criminal action or administrative proceeding against that person by the Attorney General or any district attorney or city attorney.


Issue subpoenas to compel attendance of witnesses and production of documents and other material things at a meeting or hearing of the commission or its committees, including advisory committees.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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